What is the rental price for Swiss Acres?

Please contact us to get current pricing!

What's included in the rental price?

Full use of the premises from Friday at 12:00 pm to Sunday at 12:00 pm.  The price also includes 96"x 30" rectangular tables, chairs, bridal suite, and all pre-approved indoor and outdoor spaces.

How many people does the Red Reception Barn hold?

The Red reception barn holds 275 people.

How many people does the Ceremony Barn hold?

The Ceremony barn is currently under construction.  We will know the capacity once construction is completed.

Can I use the vendor of my choice?

Yes.  You may use any vendor of your choice as long as they are licensed and insured.  The names and numbers of the vendors must be provided to Swiss Acres.  We do have a list of preferred local vendors under the "Preferred Vendors" tab on our page.

What is the alcohol policy at Swiss Acres?

The customer is responsible for arranging their own alcohol.  They are also responsible for monitoring the safe consumption of alcohol.  No one under the age of 21 can consume alcohol.  Please refer to our contract for the full list of alcohol policies.  

Can we bring in anything we want for decor?

You may get as creative as you want! However, damaging adhesives, nails, and real candles are not permitted in the barns.

Do we need additional insurance?

Yes. A policy of a $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate is required.  This can either be added to an existing homeowners insurance policy or a policy may be purchased through Community Insurance in Spencer. 

Is there parking on the premises?

We do have parking on the premises but parking is limited.  

Does Swiss Acres offer military discounts?

Absolutely!  We offer a 25% discount for any active or retired military personnel with proof of a valid military ID.